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Seattle Kids International Education


“Seattle Kids International Education, or SKIE, is an English immersion kindergarten and elementary afterschool program founded in March of 2022. SKIE uses an American curriculum based on Washington State Common Core Standards. Our education is focused on helping students develop a holistic understanding of the English language while developing our student’s critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication skills to their fullest, in cooperation with our parents and community. SKIE seeks to offer the parents of Dasan a quality educational experience that will have their students speaking and using English like a native speaker in a safe, orderly and supportive environment!”



To instill students with a global mindset and passion for life-long learning through discovery & curiosity by providing diverse opportunities for cross-disciplinary experiences.


By providing modern educational approaches based on active learning principles, the SKIE curriculum fosters students to strive for excellence and a growth mindset.


Education Philosophy

Our Facilities

- Nearly 270  pyeong (largest in Dasan)

- Extra large classrooms

- Private children's restroom

- Creation Station for Project-Based Learning 

- DEAR Library for AR Books

- Parent's waiting lounge

Multie Room
Multie room 2
ART room
Building location
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