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Let's take to the SKIE!

아이들의 행복하고 우수한 결과가 함께하는 퀄리티가 다른 교육

Our Services

Our Programs

Regular Programs

Pre-K Program

am 9:00 ~ pm 2:30

The Pre-K Program is a transitory program to help prepare student comfortably to make the change to a change to the academic environment

Ages: 4


am 9:00 ~ pm 2:30

The Kindy Program is an immersion academic program that helps students build great character and great English through active learning principles

Ages: 5-7

After-School Programs

Ages: 5-7


pm 14:30 ~ pm 6:00

*1차/ 2차로 시간 상이

The After-Kindy program for students 5-7. These speaking-based programs provide a safe place for students to learn English in an immersion environment through hands-on learning opportunities with experiments and crafts.

Ages: 5-7

Ages: 5-7


pm 14:55 ~ pm 6:05

*레벨마다 시간 상이​함

The After-School program for elementary students  provides a safe place to learn and have fun with friends that is educational and enjoyable.

Ages: 8-11


“Success is something that has to be earned every day”

Howard Schultz

CEO of Starbucks

Curriculum Partners

At SKIE, our core curriculum comes from our qualified and reputable curriculum partners to ensure a quality educational experience.

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